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Sunday, March 14, 2010, 11:08 PM
It's been a year!!

time flies!! it's already 1 year!!

though we had our ups and downs,
u are still the one i hold,
u are still the one i kiss,
u are still the one i love...

and our love will only grow stronger! (:
and it goes a long way :D

baby brought me to eat yummy crab @ AMK...
editing yummy pix made me hungry so late at nite!! hehe..
and.... we ate SO MUCH..

*sinful sinful*

this huge crab.... wooooow... when can i eat this again ar? :P

yay gt new watch!! chio chio :D

Thank u baby for all the love~~
blissful (:


Monday, March 08, 2010, 10:25 PM

i still cant catch my breath!
is it for real? =)

seriously, my r/s is a drama. can write a bk as well..
seems to experience different things lo.

ok its nt the ending but the beginning! (:
we know how much we wanna make things work again
its better to love again rather than walk away
but of cos, this person is worth to be loved again

yaaa im back to my baby boy!
so in love...
(ok my gals gonna comment on my mushiness oops)


Saturday, March 06, 2010, 12:19 PM

emotions flooding like mad now..
i really regret behaving like that. i shld have stayed by ur side and tried to cheer u up when times were bad.
i guess i was just avoiding the problem.
but no matter how much i regret it, things will not change. decisions will be final.
yes, we made the decision.

though the status has changed, im really glad for letting u into my life
will miss u, bcos u are always be that important someone

with love,


Sunday, February 14, 2010, 6:01 PM


saying goodbye to all the bad lucks and may all happiness and love come to u =)

sometimes i really miss receiving flowers.
ok flowers will wither and have short lifespan
but who cares? they are PRETTY :D

my bbf said she wants to buy diamond earing for herself
is to prove her love to herself.
ha, maybe i shall get new bag and wallet for myself as well,
since nobody buy me any of these for my bday (ok i did received a small bag, but can't carry it to sch lol)

its been long since i cooked,
im so happy i cooked sth ytd!
and it taste gd ok :P

seriously, i need baking lessons. who wanna teach me?

'happiness multiplies when its divided.'
share ur happiness with the ones u love!


Friday, February 05, 2010, 10:20 PM

i always rmb how we gt tgt.
how we first kiss,
how we first hug.

but now i duno what we are up to.
yeah its complicated. why love is complicated?

everyone has an ideal picture of what their future partner should be
but i believe they change over time.
i duno if my expectations are high: romantic is 1 of the requirements.
being romantic doesn't mean u have to buy me roses every single date.
wow dun do that, cos flowers will wither.
n guys pls dun think reporting to ur gf is job done n u can be a gd bf lidat.
ya this is BASIC!
guys pls argue all u wan!
some of u won't even do it :(

add some spice to the r/s!
i dun wanna drink the same glass of water everyday lor,
can change to green tea or volka sometimes oso (:

i can say im a person who needs to be appriciated.
will definitely lose motivation when ppl shows that they dun care what i have done.
gd n bad ba! haha

i have grown in many ways for the past 1 yr.
though the changes might nt be so dramatic
yup time to grow up!
time to love myself more (:


Monday, February 01, 2010, 10:29 PM

1st Feb 2010!
festive season and the season of love (:

yeah finally updating with some thoughts i always wanted to discuss.

women always talk abt security, is that impt? yes it is!
men always want freedom. 100% proven true.
but can man and woman still achieve the balance? not happening to me la, kinda sad :(

when men are in their twenties, he has no money, no career and no direction.
when women are in their twenties, she has looks, youth and time.

Men, be grateful to the woman who still loves u
becos, the women is using the best times of their lifes to love u
any objections to that?
well, im nt the type who will sit at hm wait for the somebody.
women dun have time to waste ok!

love, lost, and it will nt be found again.

ok i sound like a feminist.
time to back in reality, sch tml haha

finding zhou gong! :P

till next time,
xoxo :D


Sunday, January 17, 2010, 9:44 PM

time to post some photos! heehee :D

J&J's wedding on 5 Dec 2009, congrats to the happy couple! (:

everybody looks so nice here lolx

bday 2010! :D
TCC treat by my gals

yummy yummy cake! :D

finally watched Bodyguards & Assassins with xy, great movie to start 2010!

at Pepper Lunch.. decided to change my looks abit keke :P
btw, too many photos taken in china. uploaded some on fb, go see! :D
ytd just collected my course materials from SIM. partime studies gonna start soon!
less freedom lidat le :(
have to survive and plan my commitments properly nw..
jiayou jiayou! (:
random: wanna upgrade my phone! prob BB? haha i know my contract only ends next yr, but say say oso can't meh? :P

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